Chart Patterns

Our Favorite Pin Bar Trading Strategies

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The pin bar pattern is a popular pattern to follow and is incorporated in most successful gold traders’ plans. The pin bar indicates a rejection and reversal of a gold price. When you look at the tail of the pin bar, it indicates where the price was rejected and will continue to move in the other direction. A Pin bar ...

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Using Confluence for Your Forex Trading Plan

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Newbies to trading gold on forex can easily get overwhelmed by all the terms used in the market. Confluence is one of those terms that can be difficult to understand, but valuable once it’s learned. When you understand what confluence is and what it signifies, you’ll be able to make better trading decisions. Not to mention, you’ll be a step ...

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Forex Trading Support and Resistance

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Any expert in trading gold online utilizes forex trading support and resistance. Being able to spot these areas on a chart can help make better short-term and long-term decisions, rather than making a knee-jerk reaction to a market spike or plummet. One unique thing about support and resistance is how differently people measure them at times. There isn’t necessarily a ...

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Forex Trading: What Are Moving Averages?

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Moving averages are pretty much exactly what they sound like when it comes to online gold trading. To determine a moving average, you will look at the average gold closing price over a certain number of years. This may seem like a lot of number crunching, but it will make much more sense when you actually look at a chart. ...

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What Are Breakouts and How Can You Take Advantage?

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There are a large number of terms to learn and understand when trading gold on forex, but “breakout” is one of the easier ones to remember. A breakout happens when the gold price breaks out of a certain range or other elements like support and resistance levels. When using breakouts in your trading strategy, the main thing you want to ...

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How to Trade Using the ABCD Pattern in Your Strategy

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No two trading strategies are alike. Many investors use some of the same basic principles to develop their trading gold strategy, but there are many variables to distinguish them. One of those variables could be the use of the ABCD pattern. Not only is the ABCD pattern a proven successful tool for many gold investors, but it also helps you ...

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Why Market Volatility is Nothing to Fear

gold trading market

There is a great deal of recent talk about market volatility and what it means for forex traders. By definition, volatility does not mean that the market is going down, it just means that it is entering a time that is more difficult to make accurate predictions based on data from the recent past. While the market as a whole ...

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How to Bounce Back from a Losing Streak

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Online gold forex trading is a great way to get into the market of trading precious metals. In rising and falling markets alike, there is the potential to make smart investments. Trading spot metals in particular can allow you to estimate the price movements of gold relative to the current worth of the U.S dollar. However, even the smartest trader ...

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Understanding Gold Candlestick Charts

Candlestick chart

Gold candlestick charts tell you everything you need to know about market momentum and price action. They can give you a trading advantage, but you’re out of luck if you don’t know how to read them – until now. Use this guide to understand how to read gold candlestick charts and refine your trading strategy: Anatomy of Gold Candlesticks Candlesticks ...

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Advanced Price Action Trading Strategies for Gold Forex Trading

Trading Strategies for Gold Forex Trading

Understanding advanced price action trading is crucial to trading successfully in gold forex. Most experienced Forex traders concede that price action trading is extremely helpful in predicting currency price trends. Technical indicators like ADX, moving averages, and others are lagging indicators. Traders who rely mostly in these lagging indicators and ignore price trends lower the chance of successfully predicting future ...

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