Brexit Boosts Gold Prices Ahead of Theresa May’s Speech

One of the biggest economic shockers of 2016 was the vote by citizens of Britain to withdraw from the European Union. For many, it was as big of an upset as Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency of the United States.

There will be unpredictable long-term impacts from Brexit as the European Union and the British government make plans to go their separate ways. Inflation, deflation, trading issues, and currency issues could all impact the future for investors. Right now, uncertainty about the financial impact of Brexit is pushing more global investors to gold.

On Tuesday, Gold Prices Are Up

Following several weeks of lackluster prices, gold began making a real comeback late last week. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017, the price is well over the predicted maximum sustainable value for gold according to market analysts. Gold for February delivery is currently trading at $1,213 per troy ounce, which is well over that $1,200 threshold most analysts were predicting.

This boost is thanks to nervousness about Theresa May’s impending speech on the progress of Brexit today.

While investors are nervous about stocks and currencies being impacted by this dramatic shift in global economic policy, they will choose to invest in something that doesn’t fluctuate as much: gold and other precious metals. It can be impossible to predict how the markets will react to May’s Brexit speech later today. As such, the best way for savvy investors to hedge their bets against a loss is to invest in commodities, such as gold futures.

Market Volatility Is a Chance for Profit

When stocks are dipping and investors are uncertain, it’s often a good time to invest in commodities futures. Given today’s Brexit speech, followed by a planned announcement by OPEC, the cartel of oil producing nations, on Wednesday, there will be a lot of opportunity for short-term investments and profit by those who understand the ways the markets fluctuate.

If you are not already doing so, right now is a great time to try your hand at investing online via a Forex platform. You can easily trade from the comfort of your own home, while leveraging your liquid capital to control more gold than you could based solely on your available finances. With the market sure to be fluctuating, the potential for gains from gold are very real!

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