Large Cap Gold Producers: Big Players In A Small Field

Throughout the world, the list of large cap gold producers numbers possibly less than 20. However, large cap gold producers as in mining companies, and large cap gold producers as in sovereign nations, are many times not one and the same.

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“Cap” Categories


Typically, large cap gold producers, as market terminology goes, translates into large “cap” or capitalization. In essence, it is the classification of a given company according to its size in holdings. As such, companies categorize into:


  • Mega-cap: over $200 billion
  • Large-cap: over $10 billion
  • Mid-cap: $2 billion–$10 billion
  • Small-cap: $150 million–$2 billion
  • Micro-cap: below $250 million
  • Nano-cap: below $50 million


Consequently, when one alludes to large cap gold production, one merely means those gold producers that have more than $10 billion in assets.


Notwithstanding, due to various contributing factors, any company’s market cap value fluctuates over time. Some influencing factors include economic instability, political uncertainties, population dynamics and the overall market condition. For example, $1 billion in 1950 did a great deal more than in 2013. Moreover, various nations reflect changes differently.


Top Ten Large Cap Gold Producers In The World


In 2012, the top five leading mega-large and large cap producers vied for position. China with 370 tons of gold led with Australia following suit at 250 tons. The US came in with 230 tons and Russia weighed in at 205 tons of gold. South Africa held approximately 170 tons. Canada, Ghana, Mexico, Peru and Brazil upped their gold production by five and a half percent; however, South Africa’s overall production dropped 10 percent due to higher production costs. Interestingly enough, the only nation to demonstrate impressive gold production was Ghana with a full 13 percent increase.

Three Large Cap Gold Mining Companies


Before touching on large cap producers, notable mention must be made of Canada. Although this nation falls behind other leading gold producers in gold reserves, it nevertheless dominates the industry. While Canada ranks 7th globally, more than 75 percent of mining companies worldwide claim headquarters in Canada.


(1) Barrick Gold Corp.(TSE:ABX). This company remains the largest pure gold miner globally. Its holdings include: 26 gold mines with 139.8 ounces of probable/proven gold reserves. Also included are projected plans for pipeline development across Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

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(2) Newmont Mining Corporation(TSE:NMC),(NYSE:NEM). Operates in eight countries including North America, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Also included are probable/proven gold reserves of 91.8 million ounces and total land holdings of roughly 39,000 square miles.

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(3) AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU). South African-based with a total of 21 operations in ten countries that include the U.S., Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Brazil, Australia and Argentina. This company majors in in-depth exploration for gold.

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(4) Goldcorp (GG-NYSE) one of the highest grade gold producers in the world.

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Whether gold producers are miners or nations, the field is small, but the players are big. Moreover, they have a significant impact on the world economically.

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