Trading Crude Oil

Trading to Profit from Crude Oil

The price of oil was more volatile in 2008 than it has ever been in history. Who could imagine that the price could go from over $140 a barrel to less than $40 a barrel in less than 6 months? The oil market has been significantly influenced by trading and speculation in recent years. Certainly there are still fundamental supply and demand factors which affect the price of oil.


Learn about Trading Crude Oil with A Forex Trading Platform

A great deal of money can been made from trading crude oil both up and down in price. Using a forex trading platform enables an individual to trade not only in favour of the price of crude oil going up, but also in favour of the price of crude oil going down. With a forex trading platform you are able to buy oil against the major world currencies and you are also able to buy world currencies against the price of oil. For those looking to use leverage, a forex trading platform will enable you to buy or sell crude oil at a leverage of 100:1. It is important to understand that using this type of leverage also does increase your risk significantly because of the use of margin. However, you are limited only to the amount of money that you had deposited for a given trade. Because crude oil trading is a dynamic and fast moving market, there is a significant opportunity to profit from using leverage for the experienced and well informed trader.


It looks as though the next few years will likely be volatile for the price of oil.
The price of crude oil is influenced greatly not just by fundamental factors such as
supply and demand, but also by the media and the news that takes place in our world.
Those individuals that are well informed are able to capitalize on price fluctuations in
oil when they use the right trading tools.

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