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The Ultimate Gold Trading Platform

Trade gold online

With as little as a few hundred dollars you can Trade Gold on Mobile, Desktop or Tablet today with one of the most user friendly trading platforms.  Open a live account or free practice account in just minutes.  In addition to trading gold, you can also trade silver, crude oil and world currencies along with hundreds of other markets. What is ...

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Everything You Should Know About Automated Trading

Trade Gold Online gold investment

The new thing in gold trading today is automated forex trading systems. However, while there are plenty of different automated systems on the Internet, are they really the future of online gold trading? Most of them will hook a beginner gold trader in by marketing their services as the dream scenario of being able to sit back and let the ...

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Gold Forecast: 2017

Trade Gold Online gold investment

Most people investing in gold want to know the forecast for the future. No one truly has a crystal ball to tell you exactly what’s going to happen, though. The year 2016 had plenty of ups and downs. The market was booming for the first six months or so before stabilizing. So investors are wondering whether their gold investment will ...

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Using Gold Fundamental Analysis for Trade

Trade Gold Online gold trading

Gold fundamental analysis is crucial for success with trading gold. However, most people struggle with using it. Economic fundamentals cover a wide umbrella of topics that all affect the gold market. All of this fundamental data and factors are used in fundamental analysis to help determine future projections regarding the price of gold. It’s difficult to know everything going on ...

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Gold Sees Largest Surplus in Years

Trade Gold Online gold market

Any time you look at the gold market from an investing perspective, you need to see what has happened in the past, where the current market is and what the future projections are. Whether you’re an experienced trader or are just jumping into the market for the first time, this information is critical to your success. The market constantly fluctuates, ...

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What Will Happen to Gold Prices if Trump is Elected as Head of the US?


The 2016 US presidential election is turning into a bizarre show with both candidates hurling dirt at each other. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz had presaged at the start of the year that the U.S. presidential election will likely turn into a ‘circus’. And the present reality is certainly not far from his prediction. However, here we will not analyze Presidential ...

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Gold is Up Nearly 25% – What’s Driving GoldPrices to the Top?

Gold Price Rising

Investors are piling up gold in increasing numbers to protect their investment against probable losses. Gold prices have climbed from about $1073 an ounce at the beginning of the year to nearly $1339 today, which translates into a remarkable increase of about 25%. The year 2016 is certainly turning out to be a great year for gold investors, and they ...

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How Gold Prices Have Beaten Expectations of the Bears

Bear and Bull Market

  Gold prices have been on an upward trend since the beginning of the year. On Thursday, the shiny yellow metal was trading at just under $1,370 an ounce. This is the highest price of gold in the past two years. Contrary to market expectations of the bears, year-to-date gain in gold has been about 30% or $300 per ounce. ...

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Gold Market Reacted Negatively to Positive US Employment Data

Gold Price Reaction to Employment Report

  Gold market reacted swiftly after the release of the recent US employment report US employment report . The precious metal prices retreated after posting two-year highs in the first week of August. Gold futures in New York that is the most actively traded contract slid to $1,342.10 an ounce, a decrease of about 2% from previous week close when ...

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Find Trade Success with Hammer Candlesticks


If you are serious about creating real and lasting financial wealth with gold trading on the forex market, it all starts with research and due diligence. Trading gold online is easily one of the most exciting investment vehicle opportunities out there today, and one that can help you secure the kind of financial future you’ve always dreamed about. This is ...

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