Gold Trading News

Weak Dollar Helps Gold Hold on to Recent Price Gains

Weak dollar gold

Analysts who watch various markets have been talking quite a bit about how the United States dollar has been performing. The dollar has had an overall weak performance in recent weeks, resulting in an increase in the price of gold. Gold and the dollar tend to move in inverse patterns as far as value and investment. As of early trading ...

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Political Concerns in United States Contribute to Gold Price Gains

political concerns

Gold prices hit eight-week lows at the beginning of July. At the end of the month, it hit a seven-week high. As of early trading on Tuesday, August 1, gold was trading at $1,269 per Troy ounce. Only a few weeks ago, gold came close to dipping below the $1,200 per ounce mark. A number of factors, including increasing domestic ...

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Gold Bounces Back Pending Federal Reserve Meeting

Federal Reserve meeting

Those who track gold prices have been watching a relatively volatile market for the last few weeks. Prices recently flirted with $1,300 an ounce, only to come tumbling back down to near the $1,200 an ounce price point. As of early trading on July 25, 2017, domestic gold prices were just below $1,253 per Troy ounce. For those who invested ...

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Gold Prices Rebound to Two-Week High Due to Weaker Dollar

two-week high

After a rough few trading sessions, gold prices have stopped their recent consolidation, due in no small part to a weaker United States dollar. In early trading on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, the price of a Troy ounce of gold for future delivery was hovering just under $1,240. For those banking on long-term gold gains, that’s a great sign. For ...

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Short-Term Profits Possible as Gold Price Consolidation Continues


Investors who favor certain brands, investments or commodities often hate to see price consolidations. After all, that can mean that an investment is losing money. For those who invest on a short-term basis, trading multiple times during a week or even in a day, price consolidation is nothing to fear. Whether gold prices are trending up or trending down, savvy ...

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Economic Optimism Leads to Eight-Week Low in Gold Prices

economic optimism

For the early months of 2017, gold was a go-to investment. With global markets unsure of how a Trump presidency would impact international trade, investors were looking for something more stable and dependable. Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven investment. When stocks or other common investments are losing value or showing signs of imminent price consolidation, investors ...

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Gold Prices Already Rebounding from Recent Price Consolidation

price consolidation

Gold prices took quite a hit in early trading on Monday, June 26. They then rebounded slightly in trading on Tuesday the 27th, with signs indicating the consolidation may be over for now. Issues with international financial security, as well as increasing geopolitical tensions, could very well push gold prices up in the near future. Savvy investors were expecting a ...

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Gold Prices Consolidate After Federal Rate Hike Last Week

rate hike

After weeks of high-value trading and several intense, bullish growth periods, gold prices are consolidating in response to larger economic factors. As of mid-day on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, gold was trading at $1,239 per Troy ounce, a substantial drop from highs of recent weeks. Thanks to an increase in the prime rate and the potential for bigger increases throughout ...

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Middle East Tensions Contribute to Gold Price Volatility

middle east tensions

Last week, gold prices were soaring. In fact, the price per Troy ounce of gold nearly crossed the $1,300 threshold. However, markets have adjusted, and prices have consolidated. As of early trading on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, gold for July delivery was trading at just over $1,260 per ounce. For those who bought when gold was peaking last week, that ...

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