Gold Prices Consolidate After Federal Rate Hike Last Week

rate hike

After weeks of high-value trading and several intense, bullish growth periods, gold prices are consolidating in response to larger economic factors. As of mid-day on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, gold was trading at $1,239 per Troy ounce, a substantial drop from highs of recent weeks. Thanks to an increase in the prime rate and the potential for bigger increases throughout ...

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Middle East Tensions Contribute to Gold Price Volatility

middle east tensions

Last week, gold prices were soaring. In fact, the price per Troy ounce of gold nearly crossed the $1,300 threshold. However, markets have adjusted, and prices have consolidated. As of early trading on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, gold for July delivery was trading at just over $1,260 per ounce. For those who bought when gold was peaking last week, that ...

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Gold Prices Soaring Due to Ongoing Global Political Instability

stacking gold coins

Following international terrorism issues, policy shakeups involving the Paris Agreement and a weak jobs report, gold prices have surged in recent trading. As of mid-day on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, gold futures for August delivery are trading at more than $1,292.00 per Troy ounce. Investors who purchased gold last week when it was trading for roughly $1,260 stand to make ...

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Inaction from Federal Reserve and Economic Uncertainty Boost Gold Prices

the federal reserve

Last week, gold prices consolidated on hopes from investors and market analysts that the Federal Reserve would announce changes to the prime rate. Minutes released from the Federal Reserve’s meeting disappointed analysts, as they gave no indication that an increase in the prime rate would happen in the immediate future. Increasing the prime rate can help boost the strength of ...

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Looming Rate Hike in United States Holds Gold Prices Steady

rate hike

Gold prices have been relatively strong since the beginning of 2017. At several points in recent weeks, gold prices surged, thanks to various economic factors. In mid-April, gold prices got quite close to $1,300 per Troy ounce, although prices have since consolidated. Decreased concern about tensions with North Korea, combined with the looming potential for a prime rate increase from ...

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Gold Prices Falling Upon Pending Tax Cut Proposal by President Trump

tax cut

President Donald Trump based part of his campaign on helping the average American worker while ensuring that corporations paid their fair share in taxes. The tax proposal that President Trump unveiled today might have some people questioning that point. While investors are keeping an eye on this plan and how it moves through the channels, gold prices have slumped. The ...

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Gold Continues Its Downward Trend Mid-Week

downward trend

After furious trading and rapid gains last week, gold is settling back around the price it held before soaring. As of mid-day on Wednesday, April 25, 2017, gold was selling for around $1,268 per Troy ounce. This price is down substantially from the highs of last week, when the price was hovering around the $1,300 per ounce mark. Investors who ...

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Safe-Haven Assets Drop to Start the Week

safe haven assets

Gold prices started out the week markedly lower than expected in the United States trading market. The rise of risk assets and the strengthening of the Euro are spelling trouble for the safe-haven assets that usually see growth with world uncertainties. A Slump to Start At opening on Monday, April 24, 2017, gold for the June Comex was at only ...

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Gold Prices Ease Across the World

global gold prices

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, gold prices spiked up to $1,292.50 and then were down shortly after. Investors are looking for gold to hit this high again. However, the precious yellow metal just doesn’t seem to be able to pull that off. Wednesday’s low price was $1,279.03. This is supporting the thought that investors aren’t as excited about hopping on ...

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After a Strong Early Week, Gold Prices Consolidating


Tensions between the United States and North Korea led to gold prices hitting their high point for 2017 earlier this week. After peaking at $1,295.62, gold prices have begun consolidating today, with prices falling into the $1,283 per Troy ounce range. While those who bought during gold’s peak may be disappointed, many analysts and traders expect that this consolidation will ...

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