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Using Confluence for Your Forex Trading Plan

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Newbies to trading gold on forex can easily get overwhelmed by all the terms used in the market. Confluence is one of those terms that can be difficult to understand, but valuable once it’s learned. When you understand what confluence is and what it signifies, you’ll be able to make better trading decisions. Not to mention, you’ll be a step ...

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How to Develop Your Gold Trading Plan

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Anyone who wants to start trading gold can do so as long as they have the right mentality. You don’t have to have years of experience to be a successful gold trader. All you need is a trading plan. Many gold traders don’t have a solid plan to stick to when they start, so they end up losing money. Of ...

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What Causes the Price of Gold to Change Daily?

For new buyers of gold, fluctuations in the price of gold can be difficult to understand. It is essential for an investor to understand the reasons for a potential price change if any chance exists to make a profit on an investment. All commodities, like stocks, wheat, precious metals and gold coins, have prices that are determined by the pressures ...

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