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Basic Money Management For Online Traders

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The forex gold market is a popular option for many traders today, and for good reason. Its worldwide reach and high potential for profits makes it an attractive investment opportunity. With this being said, succeeding with forex comes down to having a disciplined and smart approach to trading. Because of this, most new traders on the market find themselves with ...

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Gold Crash and the Demand for the Physical Metal

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Gold has recovered from its recent sell off when concerns were inflating that the Central banks around the world will start selling gold. Bargain hunters globally started to stack up on this opportunity, which derived the demand for the physical gold to a record high in some areas. Even today, there is a shortage of physical gold which is pushing ...

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What is next for Online Gold Traders now that Gold has Fallen

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Online gold traders are catching their breath after the precious metal fell to a two-year low on Tuesday, settling at $1,321 in Asian trading. However, gold traders, seeing an opportunity,  rushed through the selling breech at the end of the trading day and bought gold, raising the price back up to $1,387.   The eye-popping events of the past three ...

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How Far Will Gold Prices Drop?

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Gold has performed so strongly for the last 10 or 12 years that everyone was quite surprised when its market value fell recently. While it retreated from its 2011 highs of more than $1900 last year, few people expected that it would lose so much money so quickly. The especially odd thing about its fall is that this happened when ...

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What Causes the Price of Gold to Change Daily?

For new buyers of gold, fluctuations in the price of gold can be difficult to understand. It is essential for an investor to understand the reasons for a potential price change if any chance exists to make a profit on an investment. All commodities, like stocks, wheat, precious metals and gold coins, have prices that are determined by the pressures ...

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Buying Gold Online – 5 Tips for Safe Investing

Buying gold online eliminates one of the most traditional protections of being able to physically see the gold prior to providing payment to a seller. As a result, the risk involved is even higher than normal. That said, thousands of people buy gold online every day, more so in the last ten years than has been bought in the last 50 ...

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Buying Gold from a Vending Machine: Economic Stabilizer or Unique Souvenir?

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If consumers visit the Westfield shopping center in West London, or the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, they may encounter a vending machine of unique value. This vending machine does not provide sweets, snacks or beverages. Instead, in exchange for a few hundred dollars or pounds, this machine provides gold—24 karat gold to be precise.   ...

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