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Gold Prices Surge Due to Weaker Markets for Investors

Gold prices for June delivery surged to $1,277 per Troy ounce in early trading on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. The day before, bullion prices reached a five-month high. For regular gold traders, this boost in price could mean a chance for profit, thanks to short-term online trading.

To those who are unfamiliar with gold markets, this price increase could be a surprise. For those who follow how gold prices tend to fluctuate, however, this price shift was something many were able to predict. Economic factors play heavily into how gold is priced on any given day. Currently, there’s a geopolitical perfect storm for surging gold prices.

Economic Uncertainty Causes Weaker Markets

Following a weekend of turmoil, investment and currency markets around the world were softer than usual. Several key investment indexes have been on the downturn in recent days. When traditional markets seem bearish, it is very common for gold prices to increase. Investors typically see gold and other precious metals as safe investments during times of weaker markets or economic instability.

Ongoing concern about the situation in Syria and international responses has led to economic uncertainty for many investors. This, in turn, has helped boost gold prices above its 200-day moving average. Some market analysts expect the bullish gold price trend to continue for the near future.

For those who have previously invested in gold, this price increase could mean profits. For those who are just now considering moving into gold investments, the potential for profit still exists.

Gold Prices Shift Regularly, Creating Investment Opportunity

Many who invest in gold do so on a short-term basis, trading every day or every few days. Buying gold when its price drops and selling when the price bounces back creates the opportunity to profit. For the average investor, trading gold futures online via a Forex platform is the easiest way to trade gold. You can leverage your capital, which means you can buy and sell more gold. The more gold you control, the more you stand to profit. Trading online also means that you can quickly and easily buy and sell gold from the comfort of your own home or office.

With the markets changing every day, now is a great time to consider investing in gold via an online Forex platform.

How to Trade Gold?

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