Gold Prices Rebound on Inflation Concerns

The last few weeks have seen gold prices drop to a many-month low. Last week, gold was trading in the low $1,100 range, with it closing out the week at $1133.50 on Friday, December 23rd, 2016. With a three day weekend after a bearish week, many are looking at trading this Tuesday and Wednesday as having potential for real shifts. Combine that with the impending release of the Sharia Gold Standard rules, and the potential for shifts in gold prices is high. Those fluctuations make this week a great time to invest in gold via an online Forex trading platform.

Early Trading on Tuesday Indicates There’s an Upswing

When the markets went live on Tuesday morning, gold prices began ticking upward. Prices quickly surged above their high point from last week to $1,138.10, nearly a $5.00 increase per ounce. There’s a chance that this rebound will continue, as the market won’t likely dip much lower than the ten-month low it just hit. Many factors have helped push gold to lower prices, from the stronger dollar and the announcement of the prime rate hike by the Federal reserve to the potential influx of Muslim investors following the release of the Sharia Gold Standard.

Other factors can influence gold prices, such as economic uncertainty, inflation, or issues with stocks or more traditional investments. Whether gold prices are trending up or trending down, however, the daily changes and fluctuations present an opportunity for the savvy investor to quickly capitalize on changes in the valuation of gold futures. Those who have the liquid capital and who have been paying attention to the markets can possibly make money from those daily changes by trading on an online Forex platform.

Now Is a Great Time To Get Involved with Gold Futures Trading

If you haven’t done so before, now is a great time to consider investing in gold futures online. By trading on an online Forex platform, you can leverage your liquid capital. That means that the same amount of money that could only purchase a half ounce of actual, physical bullion could be leveraged to trade several ounces online, depending on the current price per ounce of gold. If you are hoping for a way to make short term profits from the fluctuations in the gold market, an online Forex trading platform is the best way to get started!

How to Trade Gold?

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