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Gold Prices Could React to U.S./China Meeting This Week

China is one of the world’s biggest producers of consumer goods. The United States is one of the largest consumers. A meeting between the leaders of both nations this week could have an impact on stocks, currencies and the gold market.

Some are worried about aggressive rhetoric out of the White House, as it could lead to a confrontational meeting. Others are hopeful that the talks will go well, leading to an increase in the prime rate in the near future. An increase in that key interest rate could result in a drop in gold prices, which remain above $1,250 an ounce early on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Federal policy announcements tend to have an immediate impact on trading, as well as longer-term impacts on overall financial trends. It remains to be seen how the meeting between China and the United States will impact global financial markets.

China Meeting Not the Only Factor in Gold Fluctuations

Investors are perhaps a bit more cautious than is typical this week, following an explosion in St. Petersburg on Monday and concerns about the potential for increased terrorist activity in Eastern Europe and Asia. In times of social unrest and economic uncertainty, gold prices tend to increase. It is unclear if these factors will overshadow other political events, but some experts and analysts are predicting an extended rally of gold prices.

Regardless of whether gold prices trend up or down overall, those who watch the markets and quickly react to changes in price could profit nicely from daily and weekly fluctuations in the gold market.

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