Determine Your Trading Strategy with 10 Questions

Even though more people are diving headfirst into the world of foreign exchange currency trading (the forex market) because of all the wealth-building opportunities it provides, if you expect to generate significant profits then you absolutely must have a solid trading strategy.

The most successful traders who trade gold on the forex market rely on a set of specific strategies and tactics, combined with a tremendous amount of day-to-day research, to inform each and every one of their trades.

Even then – even with the most perfected and polished strategies ever devised – every trader will lose money from time to time, or even embark on a losing streak. Considering the risks, investing without a perfect strategy ranges from reckless to unfathomable.

Determining Your Own Gold Forex Trading Strategy

In order to help you determine your own specific trading strategy, one that will allow you to accomplish all of your trading goals and to generate the kind of lasting wealth you’ve always wanted, you’re going to want to ask yourself the ten questions outlined below.

Really make sure that you take time to focus on in-depth answers. Revisit these questions on occasion, as your expectations and values will likely shift over time. In time, you can really perfect your answers – and in turn perfect your strategy!

  1. What kind of competitive advantage or trading approach are you going to take to make money in the forex world?
  2. Exactly how much money do you want to be able to generate forex trading, and how long are you going to trade for to achieve this kind of financial success?
  3. What kind of risk levels are you comfortable with, and will you be able to make tough decisions about your forex training to cash in on opportunities that may present themselves as uncomfortable on the surface?
  4. What kind of forex broker or trading platform are you interested in working with and will they be able to provide you with the tools, technology, and research library you need to take advantage of to succeed?
  5. How much time are you willing to dedicate to the historical research of the forex market, the daily research of the forex market, and the understanding of underlying signals so that you know how to make the right moves at the right time?
  6. Just how many trades are you willing to have open concurrently, and is there a specific threshold that you will not feel comfortable juggling all at the same time?
  7. What kinds of foreign currencies are you going to focus on trading first, and are you going to give yourself the opportunity to trade currencies that you may not fully understand based off of the signal you are receiving? Note: with gold forex trading you will trading the pairing of gold (XAU) and US Dollar (USD).
  8. Are you going to be comfortable managing open trades, and if you are, what kind of strategy are you going to rely on?
  9. What kind of “trading window” are you most interested in – scalping, daytrading, swing trading, position trading, or a long-term wealth building?
  10. How much money are you willing to sink into your initial investment bankroll?

Focus on answering those questions first and you’ll be in a prime position to generate a gold forex trading strategy that gives you every opportunity to win big and build the kind of financial future you’ve always wanted.

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