Gold Trading Tips

Our Favorite Pin Bar Trading Strategies

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The pin bar pattern is a popular pattern to follow and is incorporated in most successful gold traders’ plans. The pin bar indicates a rejection and reversal of a gold price. When you look at the tail of the pin bar, it indicates where the price was rejected and will continue to move in the other direction. A Pin bar ...

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Set and Forget Forex Trading

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Often times, people want to get involved in trading gold, but they don’t have the time or the desire to spend all day researching trends and market prices. The good news is there’s a strategy for those people called “set and forget.” The strategy is exactly how it sounds: you come up with a trading plan, set it up and ...

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Using Confluence for Your Forex Trading Plan

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Newbies to trading gold on forex can easily get overwhelmed by all the terms used in the market. Confluence is one of those terms that can be difficult to understand, but valuable once it’s learned. When you understand what confluence is and what it signifies, you’ll be able to make better trading decisions. Not to mention, you’ll be a step ...

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Forex Trading Support and Resistance

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Any expert in trading gold online utilizes forex trading support and resistance. Being able to spot these areas on a chart can help make better short-term and long-term decisions, rather than making a knee-jerk reaction to a market spike or plummet. One unique thing about support and resistance is how differently people measure them at times. There isn’t necessarily a ...

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Forex Trading: What Are Moving Averages?

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Moving averages are pretty much exactly what they sound like when it comes to online gold trading. To determine a moving average, you will look at the average gold closing price over a certain number of years. This may seem like a lot of number crunching, but it will make much more sense when you actually look at a chart. ...

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What Are Breakouts and How Can You Take Advantage?

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There are a large number of terms to learn and understand when trading gold on forex, but “breakout” is one of the easier ones to remember. A breakout happens when the gold price breaks out of a certain range or other elements like support and resistance levels. When using breakouts in your trading strategy, the main thing you want to ...

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Everything You Should Know About Stop Losses

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Anyone who has been trading gold for any significant amount of time knows reducing losses is sometimes more important than increasing profits. This is the reason why many gold traders will incorporate stop losses into their trading plans. It gives anyone involved in the online trading of gold the opportunity to get out of any given trade before it gets ...

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How You Should Run Your Trades Like a Business

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The biggest mistake people make with gold trading is treating it like a hobby instead of a business. Viewing gold trading as a hobby will only make you hobby-type money, and you’ll most likely lose more than you earn. The first step in treating your trades like a business is having a business mentality. Turning a profit in gold trading ...

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These 5 Tips Can Help You Beat the Market

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Beginner gold traders may have the attitude of wanting to dominate the market. That’s the right attitude to have, but it has to be backed up with smart decisions along the way. The truth is, the gold trading market can be beaten. It doesn’t happen effortlessly, but with the right strategies and discipline, you could see success. Here are five ...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Forex Trading

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If you’re not constantly looking for ways to improve your gold forex trading, you’re likely not seeing much success. No trading strategy is perfect from the beginning. Whatever your strategy is, it will require a lot of tweaks along the way. The worst thing any gold trader can do is be stuck in their ways and not want to improve. ...

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