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Find Trade Success with Hammer Candlesticks


If you are serious about creating real and lasting financial wealth with gold trading on the forex market, it all starts with research and due diligence. Trading gold online is easily one of the most exciting investment vehicle opportunities out there today, and one that can help you secure the kind of financial future you’ve always dreamed about. This is ...

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Strategy Guide: Price Action


Price Action Trading (PAT) is a form of technical analysis based on a clean or “naked” price chart, with no indicators or complicated metrics. Price action traders analyse the chart based on the movement of price in the market over a given period of time. Price action trading is founded on the belief that while economic data, global news, trader ...

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How to Relieve Stress When You’re a Trader

gold forex trading

If you’re a gold forex trader, the best way to relieve stress is to set limits and then stick to them. In other words, since trading forex or any other type of global exchange is definitely a risk, you will need to establish how much you can afford to lose…and then stay within your own limits! This advice sounds basic, ...

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How Best to Approach the Market: As a Spectator or Speculator?

trading gold

Financial markets allow for a variety of different approaches, but some of the most common are to approach as either a spectator or as a speculator. Let’s talk about some of the differences and pros and cons of each approach to the financial market and gold forex trading. Speculators tend to have a need to prove their financial chops by ...

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Strategy Guide: Fibonacci Pivot Trades

Support and resistance chart

When it comes to online gold forex trading, having a decent strategy is a surefire way to ensure that your trading gets the best results possible. One of the most effective online gold forex trading strategies available is the Fibonacci Pivot points strategy. This sounds far more confusing than it actually is. It works by utilizing the Fibonacci retracements as ...

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How To Calculate Trading Sizes For Online Forex

forex trading

Every potential marketplace has a host of benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the market is crucial to succeeding or failing when it comes to your investments. Never is this more true than with the foreign exchange market, or Forex. The most dynamic and international market in the world, the Forex market is open 24 hours on weekdays and deals in the ...

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5 Gold Trade Secrets To Reap Big Profits

gold trade advice

Gold is traded over the Forex market, known in part for its incredible asset class and international appeal. Managing your gold investments requires experience, skill, and learned behaviours that will serve you well in minimizing risk and maximizing reward. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review five gold trading secrets used by successful traders to reap big ...

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Is Gold Trading Better than the Stock Market?

Gold trading

The stock market is an overwhelming thing. Thousands upon thousands of companies are listed, each with their own nuances and intricacies that can affect price. When you trade gold against a currency, it is much easier to hone in and learn everything you can about that relationship. Knowledge is power, and you can become a powerful gold trader in no ...

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3 Approaches for Analyzing the Gold Trading Market

Gold trading market

Successful gold traders don’t fly by the seat of their pants. Instead, their trading strategy and transaction plans are guided by a combination of three analytic approaches. Here are the three most common types of market analysis and how they can help you succeed with online gold trading: Technical Analysis Technical analysts are all about identifying historical market patterns and ...

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10 Amazing Gold Facts


Gold is an incredible substance that has been valued by humans for millennia. Gold is used in jewellery, technology, and as a form of investment. Read on to find out about some of the very interesting facts about this precious metal: Gold is more malleable than any other metal. It’s so soft that one ounce of gold can be hammered ...

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