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Factors to Watch for Smarter Gold Trading Decisions


One of the most important paradigm shifts created by the global recession a few years back is that no matter how big one’s salary is, it’s not enough. With employment failing to offer any certainty (even if you’ve spent your life servicing the same company), or with business performance easily getting affected by various economic factors, it’s imperative to have ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Trade Gold Today


For centuries, gold has been a staple financial commodity that’s been traded to and fro across markets the world over. Today, gold remains one of the “safe haven” commodities that are always in the investment portfolios of traders in the know. And for good reason. Here are the top three reasons to trade gold online today: Gold and other precious ...

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3 Key Steps to Successful Gold Trading Online


While there isn’t a single formula to constantly win in online gold trading markets, there are some time-honored, tried-and-true pieces of sage advice you can take to tilt the odds in your favor. Good Trading Habits Work on Any Commodity Gold trading online doesn’t have a unique place in the market. This means that general good trading habits and best ...

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7 Ways to Choose the Right Gold Online Trading Platform for You


Most people are looking for ways to increase their income in order to become financially independent. After the global recession, many learned that they simply cannot rely on a single source of income. Being employed in a big company, in particular, provides very little assurance; ditto with owning a small business. Financial strategists say it’s imperative to learn the various ...

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Trade Gold Online: A Must-Read Guide for Beginners

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Diversifying your investment portfolio has never been as straightforward as it is today, with online gold Forex trading. Gold trading has always provided the advantage of letting you benefit from the gold market without physically owning any gold for yourself. Today, the prospect of the internet and digital technology has made it even better. You can literally buy and sell ...

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What is next for Online Gold Traders now that Gold has Fallen

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Online gold traders are catching their breath after the precious metal fell to a two-year low on Tuesday, settling at $1,321 in Asian trading. However, gold traders, seeing an opportunity,  rushed through the selling breech at the end of the trading day and bought gold, raising the price back up to $1,387.   The eye-popping events of the past three ...

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Gold Price Rises on Expected Economic Stimulus

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One of the 3 key barriers constraining gold’s price between the range of 1790-1800 has been breached with the conclusion of the presidential election. The remaining 2 barriers are the debt ceiling, which may linger into January, as we wait for results from the congressional debt ceiling committee, and the European unions struggle to stave off collapse.   The bullet ...

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Why was Gold Trading Down in October

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Keen eyes can glance back at October to question why gold was trading down during the month. Did gold bulls lose confidence while the bears victoriously sold off the yellow metal? Are the bulls now lying in wait, ready to jump on the next major headline?   Looking a little deeper into the month we can see the XAU gold-futures index for October 1st ...

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What is driving Gold prices Today?

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How China and Russia are Driving up Gold Prices Today If there is one thing that seems to be the eternal financial truth, it’s that whatever happens in the market, we always turn to gold to be safe. That doesn’t only go for private investors, that goes for bigger institutions as well, such as hedge funds, banks, and central banks. ...

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